Yummy Bites Patterns

Adding to the Block Patterns introduced by WordPress, the Yummy Bites theme provides you with the Yummy Bites Patterns that comprises of the block layouts building different sections of the theme’s About page.

You can add or modify these patterns to add dynamic content to your website’s pages and posts without much effort.

How to add a Yummy Bites Pattern? #

You can follow the below listed steps to add a Yummy Bites Pattern to a page of your website:

  1. Go to Admin Dashboard > Pages > Add New to create a page and enter the page title.
  2. Click on the Toggle block inserter icon.
  1. Click on the Patterns tab.
  1. You can either directly select the Yummy Bites Patterns from the dropdown option or click on Explore button and then select the Yummy Bites Patterns option.
  2. Click on the available pattern/block that you want to add on your site page.
  1. Modify the added block as per your requirement.
  2. Click Publish to save the changes made.