Recipe Cuisines

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As the name suggests, the Recipe Cuisines is a recipe taxonomy that can be used to categorize the recipes created based on the type of cuisine they belong to.

How to add a Recipe Cuisine? #

You can add a Recipe Cuisine via Recipes > Cuisines.

  • Enter the Recipe Cuisine name and Description.
  • Select a Parent Cuisine if any.
  • Select the Taxonomy color.
  • Upload your preferred Taxonomy Image or Taxonomy Icon.
  • Click on Add New Cuisine.

How to assign a Recipe Cuisine to a Recipe? #

Once you add a Recipe Cuisine, you can assign it to a Recipe via the respective recipe editor.

  • You can access the Recipe editor via Recipes > All Recipes. Then click to edit the recipe to which you want to assign the Recipe Cuisine.
  • Under the Cuisines dropdown option, checkmark the Recipe Cuisine that you want to assign to the recipe.
  • Click on Update.

How to create a Recipe Cuisines page? #

The Recipe Cuisines page will be the page that will list all the categories created under the Cuisines taxonomy along with the assigned recipe posts.

To create a Recipe Cuisines page,

  • Visit Admin Dashboard > Pages > Add New.
  • Create a page entitled ‘Recipe Cuisines’.
  • Under the Template dropdown option, select the Recipe Cuisines template.
  • Click on Publish.