About the Analytics Dashboard

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The Analytics Dashboard is created to give you an overview of your website at a glance. Using the insight from the Analytics Dashboard, you can optimize your posts to obtain better results.

The Analytics Dashboard gives you a total count of the likes received, ratings, recipe submission, top-rated recipes, popular recipes, and so on.

You can access the Analytics Dashboard via Recipes > Analytics Dashboard.

Analytics Dashboard is divided into four sections – Popular Recipes, Top Rated Recipes, Most Favorite Recipes, and Submitted Recipes. You are provided with an option to edit the recipes under each of these sections. Here is a description of all the four provided sections:

Popular Recipes: It lists your popular recipes based on the number of views.

Top Rated Recipes: Here you will see your top-rated recipes based on the number of ratings received.

Most Favorite Recipes: It lists the most favorite recipes among your readers.

Submitted Recipes: The recipes submitted via the Frontend Submission form and Guest Submission form are listed under this tab.