Licensing Policy

Delicious Recipes offers two plans:

  • Basic Plan: The license key and support is valid for one year from the date of the purchase.
  • Lifetime Plan: The license key is valid for lifetime to receive updates and support.

The purchase includes a single domain license and immediate access to all new version updates and features released for your plugin.

When you purchase the plugin, you get the plugin for a lifetime and you can use it on as many websites as you want because our plugins are under GPL license. But, support and updates are only provided to the domain where the plugin license is activated.

The renewal fee is for support and theme updates. If you want to get plugin updates and support after one year, you can renew the plugin license. This model is the best way we can provide world-class support, maintain themes and add requested features and enhancements.

If you don’t renew the license, you can continue using the plugin for a lifetime. The only difference would be to support and theme updates.

If you want lifetime updates and support, then you can purchase a $199 Lifetime plan which will be a one-time payment. With a $199 Lifetime plan, you will receive updates and support for a lifetime without any annual subscription.

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