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Why Choose WP Delicious Plugin?

Do you want an easy-to-use recipe WordPress plugin with better SEO, eye-catching display, user-friendly features, and greater flexibility? If so, the WP Delicious Plugin is all you need.

Easy to Use for Everyone

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to get along with the WP Delicious plugin. The plugin has a super-intuitive design and clean user-interface . So, anyone from amateurs to professionals can use the plugin effortlessly. You can easily create and share your recipes on your website.

The plugin offers both Gutenberg Blocks as well as custom post type recipes which make it easy to publish your recipes.

Schema Friendly and SEO Optimized

Want more visitors and better search rankings?

Our team understands how valuable SEO is for recipe bloggers. Our team of developers and SEO experts together have paid special attention to follow all structured-data guideliness set forth by search engines like Google.

 This WordPress recipe plugin includes Schema markup (JSON-LD format), which makes search engines and social networks to display information about your recipes. Further, it also helps to rank your recipes higher on search engines.

User Dashboard For Your Readers

WP Delicious offers user dashboard which allows your readers to register on your website. After registration, the readers can browse through your recipes, add your recipes to their favorites as well as leave ratings for your recipes.

The plugin also offers the flexibility to customize the email templates to send your readers after registration.

These exciting feature engage your readers, and help them browse recipes with ease.

Beautiful Recipe Card

WP Delicious plugin adheres to modern style and innovative design. So no more outdated appearance that’ll repel your readers. Now, all your recipes look enticing right from the card.

You can add all the necessary information to prepare the recipes such as ingredients, step by step instructions, video and image gallery, nutrition information, notes and much more.

In addition, you can also include details like difficulty level, prep time, cook time, rest time, no. of servings, total calories and best season for the recipe.

Monetize Your Recipes with Chicory In-Recipe Ads and Shoppable Button

Unlock the potential of your recipe content with Chicory and start earning passive income effortlessly. 

Chicory’s in-recipe ads are contextually targeted to your recipes, ensuring your visitors see only the most relevant product recommendations. This approach enhances the user experience while maximizing your earnings from top CPG and grocery advertisers.

With Chicory’s Shoppable Recipe Button, your audience can conveniently add all the ingredients for your recipes to their cart at 70+ retailers, including Instacart, Walmart, and Kroger. 

This seamless shopping experience transforms your site into a one-stop shop for meal planning, increasing the likelihood that your readers will return for more inspiration.

Unit Conversion Pro

The Unit Conversion feature is designed to simplify the process of converting ingredient measurements between different unit systems. Whether your readers prefer US Customary or Metric units, the plugin allows for seamless switching between the two.

With the automatic conversion functionality, you can input the ingredients in one unit system, and the plugin will handle the conversion to the other system. This eliminates the need for manual calculations and reduces the risk of errors, ensuring that recipes are accurate and reliable. 

Front End Recipe Submission Pro

WP Delicious plugin focuses on increased user engagement and more conversions. Front End Recipe Submission is one of such features to garner more engagement with your readers. 

The plugin lets customize and attach a recipe submission form on your site. It also allows your readers to submit their recipes. 

Later, you can review the submitted recipes and post them on your blog. 

Analytics Dashboard Pro

The analytics dashboard shows the stats of all your published, pending, and submitted recipes, including total likes, favorites and ratings.

Besides, you can view your most popular, top rated and most favorites recipes at a glance. With this insights, you can optimize those posts to include call to actions or promote affiliate products.

All these data will give you a glimpse of your overall website’s performance and track your work progress.

Promote Equipments You Use Pro

You can list different equipments you use to create your recipes. You can then add affiliate links and promote them. Such affiliate links add to your website’s revenue.

You can add as many equipments you want for each recipe to display on the recipe card. In addition, the plugin also offers the shortcode to embed in your posts or pages that lists all your equipments at one place. 

Floating Recipe Bar Pro

The Floating Recipe bar is a handy toolbar to improve user experience by keeping essential features on the go.

With Reading Mode, your readers can follow your recipes without any distractions. This toolbar offers options to quickly print your recipe, share it on social media as well as like it. 

Further, your readers can also set and start the timer while preparing the recipes.

Pinterest Rich Pins support

In addition to search engine optimization, WP Delicious also optimize your recipes to work on Pinterest.

Pinterest will be able to create Recipe Rich Pins for all your recipes. It helps to improve click-through rate and improve visibility on Pinterest.

Further, your readers can also pin your recipes to their board with a single click.

Showcase User Ratings

Recipe ratings are crucial for ranking your recipes better on search engines as well as provide confidence to your reader in your recipes.

With WP Delicious, your readers can rate your recipes, share their experience while making the recipes and much more while leaving the comment. 

All the reviews on your recipes are included in the structured data and appear on search engines. 

Our Happy Customers

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Super Recipes Plugin – Unique Support

For sure Delicious Recipes team enjoy what they do and want to be the best. Apart from their “smart” plugin, they maybe offer the best support I have ever faced as an engineer. I will support them with my ideas and comments, as I think that thanks to WordPress I have found a reliable partner. Keep up the good work Delicious Recipes!
Maria Kleinaki

Love new Features

I am using this for a week now and I can see it has so many new features which are so helpful. I love all the new features like jump to the recipe, I can add a chart for Nutrition Value. There is a feature to add a video. I am writing this review because I had a really good experience with the support team. I started using this plugin when they launch it and I saw some error, I requested an upgrade and they did it so quickly. I would highly recommend this plugin.
Krishna Chavda
The Desi Mumma

Easy to organize recipes, fantastic support

Very happy with the plugin, has been perfect for my use case. Support has been fantastic, and wholeheartedly recommend.
Kenny Bayless
Your Recipe in My Kitchen

Easy to use and Great Support

Delicious Recipes Plugin is a great plugin for Recipe Sites. Thanks to the stylish recipe card, you can present your recipes to your visitors on a regular basis. Thanks to schema support, it helps us to rank higher in search engines. And lastly they have a great support team. They offer 7/24 Free support.
Alice Business
Food Blogger

Stand out with WP Delicious Plugin!

WP Delicious is the best recipe WordPress plugin packed with tons of powerful features. Create recipes with our intuitive plugin to rank higher on search engines.

Built-in Nutrition Chart

WP Delicious includes fields for listing nutrients in your recipes. From Calories to Fiber, Saturated fats, and Micro-nutrients, list the nutritional value in detail.

6 Customizable Widgets

We have integrated six highly customizable widgets - Use Featured Recipes, Recipe Category, Recipe Tags, Popular Recipes, Recipe Keys, and Recent Recipes.

Customizable Print Template

Allow your readers to print out a copy of your delicious recipes in a customizable template.

Instagram and Pinterest Share

Allow your readers to quickly share your recipes on Instagram and Pinterest with a single click.

Advanced Search Page

Our advanced search option allows your readers to search for their favorite recipes using keywords and filters.

Image Gallery & Lightbox

Add your mouth-watering dishes in the image gallery and lightbox to entice your readers.

Works with any theme

The WP Delicious plugin is flexible and blends with any WordPress theme. You can even adjust the plugin settings to match your theme using the appearance settings option.

Custom Icons and Units

You can upload custom icons for your recipe taxonomies such as recipes keys, cuisines, courses, etc. In addition, you can also add custom units if it is not available in the predefined list.

Customizable Author Profile

Add your image, short bio and link your social media to let your viewers know more about you.

Configurable Email Templates

You can fully control and configure your email templates to send to the readers who registers on your website.

Add to Favorites

With WP Delicious, your readers can easily add their favorite recipes to their profile and visit them at any time.

Detailed Documentation and Video Tutorials

We have packed detailed documentation along with video tutorials that will guide you step-by-step on using this powerful tool.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about WP Delicious? Check out our FAQs below.
If your question isn’t listed here, please contact us.

Yes, WP Delicious is crafted keeping better SEO practices in mind. It’s SEO-ready and Scheme-friendly design helps you outrank your competitors and land on higher search engine spots.

We have made the WP Delicious plugin to be SEO and Scheme friendly. Such a feature helps in effortless indexing. As a result, you can expect higher search engine rankings for your recipes. However, make sure to put effort and optimize your content for search engines to reap an edge over your competitors.

Yes, your readers can easily read, share, and even rate all of your recipes. To further promote user engagement, this plugin also lets viewers leave their feedback on your recipes.

The WP Delicious plugin is compatible with most of the themes and WordPress version 5.1 or higher. However, the plugin may not render the same look as the compatible WordPress themes.

Therefore, we recommend using compatible themes to make sure the plugin works smoothly without any issues.

Yes, our expert support team attends to the queries and needs of all our customers from Monday to Friday. Our support hours are from 10 AM – 6 PM (UTC +5:45) Nepal Standard Time. 

You can contact our support team here.

Yes, the WP Delicious plugin is fully compatible with Gutenberg. We have packed 9 Gutenberg blocks that make adding recipes a breeze.

Yes, readers will be able to print recipes easily. We have added a beautiful Print template to this plugin. It lets your viewers easily print out a hard copy of your recipes and even customize the template as they see fit.

Yes, you can customize the slug for your recipes without restriction. To do so, go to Recipes > Settings > Permalinks.

Yes, WP Delicious works seamlessly with the Pinterest Rich Pins. Further, with the Schema integration, your recipes appear on Pinterest.

Yes, you can provide us with your valuable feedback for the Delicious Recipes plugin. You can easily submit your feature request here.

Yes, we have a Facebook Community for WP Delicious. 👉 Join Now

WP Delicious is a translation-ready plugin and supports localization. Thus, you can easily translate your recipes into any other language with a few clicks. 

A Powerful Recipe Plugin For Food Bloggers

WP Delicious includes everything you need to publish beautiful, detailed and SEO optimized recipes on your website.