Features of WP Delicious Plugin

Easy to use for everyone

Tailored for simplicity, this plugin requires no technical expertise.  Its super-intuitive design and clean user interface make it accessible for both beginners and professionals alike. You can easily create and share your recipes on your website.

The plugin offers Gutenberg Blocks and custom post-type recipes, making it easy to publish and share your recipes.

WP Delicious Plugin Recipe Card
WP Delicious Recipe Card with information

Create Exceptionally Informative and Flavor-Packed Recipes

Create fully informative recipes, including details such as recipe title, description, keywords, difficulty level, preparation time, cooking time, rest time, calories, best season, cooking temperature, and estimated cost.

Adding this information enhances user experience, making it easier for your readers to make recipe decisions. With this feature, you can create quality recipe content. Also, with relevant keywords and detailed metadata, your content will rank higher in search engines. 

Schema Friendly and SEO Optimized

Want more visitors and better search rankings?

Our team understands how valuable SEO is for recipe bloggers. Our team of developers and SEO experts together have paid special attention to follow all structured-data guideliness set forth by search engines like Google.

This WordPress recipe plugin includes Schema markup (JSON-LD format), which makes search engines and social networks to display information about your recipes. Further, it also helps to rank your recipes higher on search engines.

SEO Optimized and Schema Friendly WP Delicious Plugin
Rankmath Integration in WP Delicious plugin

Supercharge Your Recipe Ranking with SEO Integration

WP Delicious plugin offers seamless integration with the Rankmath SEO plugin for culinary professionals who prioritize content performance. This integration enhances your recipe posts’ visibility, providing an advanced SEO analysis that quantifies optimization efforts with a comprehensive score. 

Tailor your content strategy precisely, leveraging this robust tool to secure a competitive edge in search engine rankings. 

Beautiful Recipe Card

WP Delicious plugin embraces modern style and innovative design. So, no more outdated appearance that’ll repel your readers. Now, all your recipes look enticing right from the card.

You can add all the necessary information to prepare the recipes, such as ingredients, step-by-step instructions, video and image gallery, nutrition information, notes, and more.

In addition, you can also include details like difficulty level, prep time, cook time, rest time, number of servings, total calories, and best season for the recipe.

Beautiful Recipe Card in WP Delicious Plugin
Multiple layouts in WP Delicious

Bookmark and Collect Favorite Recipes with Ease

WP Delicious plugin has three recipe card layouts in the free version and eight in the Pro version. Each design is carefully made to be perfect, giving you a wide range of options for beautifully presenting your recipes.

You can make sure that every recipe is not only delicious but also beautiful to look at.

Print Recipes with Ease

Savor the convenience of bringing recipes from screen to page with our user-friendly print option.  Your readers can change the print style to fit their needs and make the change from screen to paper smoothly.

Our print-friendly layout is clear and easy to use, and it only takes one click for readers to bring their favorite recipes into the kitchen.

Recipe Print feature in WP Delicious
Bookmark Recipe feature - WP Delicious

Bookmark and Collect Favorite Recipes with Ease

Find out how much fun it is to customize your collections with our bookmark feature. Readers can easily save your recipes to their dashboard under the Favorites tab, making a personalized list of meals they want to prepare.

This personal curation not only simplifies tracking the culinary aspirations but also ensures that the treasured recipes are always at their fingertips, ready for them to explore whenever the mood to cook strikes.

Display Nutritional Information for Your Recipes

Add different nutritional information to your recipes to make them better. Choose from two distinct layouts to showcase this information. You can personalize and adapt the display to match your preferences.

This feature not only enriches your food and recipe website but also supports health-conscious cooking by providing valuable insights into the nutritional content of each recipe.

Nutritional Chart feature - WP Delicious
User Rating Feature - WP Delicious

Showcase User Ratings for Enhanced Search Engine Ranking

Recipe ratings are crucial for ranking your recipes better on search engines and providing confidence to your readers in your recipes.

With WP Delicious plugin, your readers can rate your recipes, share their experiences while making them, and much more while leaving comments. 

All the reviews on your recipes are included in the structured data and appear on search engines. 

Engage Your Readers with Emoji Reactions Pro

With WP Delicious plugin, your visitors can now share their feelings about your recipes in the most expressive way – through emojis! Our interactive reaction feature allows your readers to quickly and effortlessly show their love, excitement, or even surprise with a simple click of an emoji. 

This engaging feature adds a playful touch to your site and provides valuable feedback on which recipes resonate most with your audience. Encourage your visitors to react and connect more deeply with your content, enhancing the communal experience of cooking and sharing.

Emojis feature in WP Delicious
Surprise me feature- WP Delicious

Surprise Me - Automatic Recipe Suggestion

Delight your readers with the ‘Surprise Me’ feature, an automatic recipe suggester that unveils new culinary adventures with each click. It’s like a fun game that offers a surprise dish every time, perfect for anyone looking to try something new.

This interactive feature makes looking through your recipes fun and keeps visitors returning for more unexpected kitchen inspiration.

Inline Related Recipe Posts feature

Engage Readers with Smart Inline Related Recipe Suggestions Pro

Enhance your readers’ experience with the Inline Related Posts feature, which intelligently inserts related recipes throughout the content they’re currently reading. 

This automatic insertion ensures that readers are effortlessly presented with a selection of similar culinary delights, encouraging prolonged engagement and exploration within your site. It is a subtle yet effective way to inspire readers with additional cooking ideas that complement their interests, keeping them engaged in your rich collection of recipes.

Autoload Recipe Posts to Increase Page View Pro

Experience the convenience of continuous recipe discovery with our Autoload feature. As readers reach the end of a recipe post, another enticing recipe automatically appears, immersing them in your content.

With this seamless transition, you can maintain engagement and satisfy your reader’s appetite for more. You can provide an endless array of dishes to explore without interruption. It is a fantastic way to provide readers with a non-stop adventure through your culinary delights.

Autoload Recipes feature
Floating Bar feature

Floating Recipe Bar for Better Engagement Pro

The Floating Recipe bar is a handy toolbar to improve user experience by keeping essential features on the go.

With Reading Mode, your readers can follow your recipes without any distractions. This toolbar offers options to print your recipe quickly, share it on social media, and like it. 

Further, your readers can set and start the timer while preparing the recipes.

Advanced Search for Tailored, Efficient Recipe Exploration

The Advanced Search tool is designed to help readers quickly find the recipes they want. It lets you create a user-friendly website.

With this feature, you can advance the search results on your recipe blog. When you select AND logic, it displays only the recipe posts that fulfill all the selected criteria. When you select OR logic, it displays all the recipe posts with the selected criteria.

It makes the finding process more targeted and efficient, understanding each reader’s specific food-related needs. This feature makes the search quick, easy, and right for their needs. It’s like giving them a personalized menu every time they search.

Advanced Search feature in WP Delicious plugin
Pinterest Rich Pins Support feature

Pinterest Rich Pins Support

In addition to search engine optimization, WP Delicious optimizes your recipes to work on Pinterest.

Pinterest will be able to create Recipe Rich Pins for all your recipes. It helps to improve click-through rate and improve visibility on Pinterest.

Further, readers can pin your recipes to their board with a single click.

Promote Equipment You Use to Boost Your Earnings Pro

You can list the different equipment you use to create your recipes. You can then add affiliate links and promote them. Such affiliate links add to your website’s revenue.

You can add as much equipment as you want for each recipe to display on the recipe card. In addition, the plugin also offers a shortcode to embed in your posts or pages that list all your equipment in one place. 

Promote Equipments in WP Delicious Plugin
Affiliate disclosure feature

Add Affiliate Disclosure Pro

Ensure transparency and build trust with our Affiliate Disclosure feature. It allows you to seamlessly integrate disclosures into your recipe posts, maintaining honesty when promoting affiliate products. 

It aligns with best practices and regulatory compliance and fosters a loyal relationship with your readers by clearly communicating any potential incentives. It’s a simple yet vital addition to ethical blogging and responsible influencer marketing in the culinary domain.

Advanced Shortcode Supports

With advanced shortcodes, you can simplify recipe navigation, making it effortless for your readers to find the culinary creations that pique their interest.

Implement shortcodes to create category-based navigation, search functionality, and related recipe recommendations. Enhance your website’s user experience and encourage exploration of your diverse recipe collection.

Recipe Carousel

Captivatingly showcase your best recipes with a dynamic carousel.

Recipe Carousel feature

Recipes List

Neatly present your recipes in an organized and easily browsable list.

Recipe List shortcode feature

Recipe Archives

Streamline navigation and discovery of your recipe categories.

Recipe Archive shortcode feature
Analytics Dashboard feature

Gain Insights from Analytics Dashboard for Growth Pro

The analytics dashboard shows the stats of all your published, pending, and submitted recipes, including total likes, favorites, and ratings.

Besides, you can view your most popular, top-rated, and favorite recipes at a glance. With these insights, you can optimize those posts to include calls to action or promote affiliate products.

All these data will give you a glimpse of your overall website’s performance and track your work progress.

Front End Recipe Submission Pro

WP Delicious plugin focuses on increased user engagement and more conversions. Front End Recipe Submission is one such feature to garner more engagement with your readers. 

With this plugin, you can customize and attach a recipe submission form to your site. It also allows your readers to submit their recipes. 

Later, you can review the submitted recipes and post them on your blog. 

Frontend Recipe Submission feature
FAQs feature in WP Delicious

FAQs with Schema for better SEO ranking

Elevate your recipes with Schema-optimized FAQs, enhancing SEO rankings while educating your readers. This integration clarifies culinary queries and boosts your visibility on search engines. 

By providing well-structured answers, you cater to your audience’s knowledge and search algorithms, positioning your recipes as authoritative and accessible. With this feature, you can drive more traffic and engagement to your culinary content.

Serving based on Increment and Scale

With the dynamic serving control feature, you can add multiplier features (1x, 2x, 3x) to scale recipes effortlessly. You can also enable serving increments by 1. It is super handy for your readers because it takes the guesswork out of scaling recipes up or down. 

With this feature, you can create a food blog that’s not just a place to find great recipes but also a tool that makes cooking those recipes as straightforward as possible. This enhances user experience and increases user engagement. 

Adjustable Servings Feature - WP Delicious
Social Sharing feature

Social Sharing for Recipes

Extend your recipes’ reach with our dedicated Pinterest and Instagram social sharing options. These platforms are visual feasts, perfect for showcasing your culinary creations and driving engagement. 

By enabling easy sharing, you can boost your recipes’ visibility and tap into the power of social media communities, encouraging interactions, shares, and likes. With this feature, you can transform casual browsers into loyal followers and active participants in your food journey.

Video and Image Gallery with Lightbox

Elevate your recipes with a visual feast using our Video and Image Gallery with Lightbox feature. You can effortlessly showcase stunning images and engaging videos, enhancing your recipes with multimedia richness. 

The Lightbox functionality ensures an immersive experience, allowing viewers to enlarge and appreciate visuals in full detail. This gallery transforms your recipes into a dynamic story of flavors, textures, and culinary artistry.

Gallery with Lightbox feature

9 Gutenberg Recipe Blocks

The recipe plugin includes 9 Gutenberg Recipe Blocks that allow you to create and share your recipes. The blocks included are:

WP Delicious Plugin Gutenberg blocks

Add the information related to the recipes, such as difficulty level, recipe time, servings, calories, and so on.

Add your recipe information within posts and pages by filling in the required information.

Improve the user experience by adding buttons like Jump to Recipes, Jump to Video and Print Recipe.

Add all ingredients required for preparing the recipes.

Provide step-by-step instructions to prepare the recipes.

Add the nutrition information of the recipes you are sharing.

Select the published recipes and display them on your posts or pages. 

Select the taxonomy and display the recipes published using this block. 

Embed your published recipes within posts or pages.

Multiple Taxonomies for Better Recipe Organization

Our plugin’s powerful classification system will help you organize your recipes better. You can carefully organize your cooking skills using content categories like Courses, Cooking Methods, Keys, Cuisines, Tags, Badges, and Dietary Preferences. 

This varied classification tool makes it easier to find recipes and get around. It also makes the user experience smooth and easy, so it can meet the needs of all food enthusiasts, no matter what their organizational or cooking interests are.

Multiple Taxonomies feature
Recipe Taxonomy Icons

Tons of Icon for Your Recipes Taxonomies

Our icon gallery lets you be creative with your recipe categories. You can choose from different pre-made icons to show what your recipe categories look like. You can also add your custom icons that resonate with your recipes. 

This feature beautifies your classifications and facilitates quicker identification and navigation. Adding icons to your recipe categories enriches the overall user experience, reflecting a polished and professional digital presence.

Easily Change Permalinks for Taxonomies

Streamline your site’s navigation with our user-friendly permalink customization for taxonomies. You can modify taxonomy URLs to your preference, enhancing SEO and user experience. 

You can easily customize your site’s permalink structure and ensure that each link accurately reflects your content. This feature is excellent for SEO purposes, making your recipes more discoverable and your site more navigable for culinary enthusiasts.

Custom Permalinks feature
User Dashboard feature

User Dashboard For Your Readers

WP Delicious offers a user dashboard allowing readers to register on your website. After registration, readers can browse through your recipes, add them to their favorites, and leave ratings for them.

The plugin also offers the flexibility to customize the email templates to send your readers after registration.

These exciting features engage your readers and help them browse recipes with ease.

Protect Your Site from Spam Registration with Google reCaptcha

Safeguard your site from unwanted spam registrations with Google reCaptcha, a powerful defense mechanism. By activating this feature on your registration page, you ensure that only genuine readers gain access, maintaining the integrity of your community. 

This seamless security layer operates quietly in the background, providing a non-intrusive yet effective barrier against automated spam. This feature lets you keep your site’s user experience clean and authentic.

Spam Protection feature