Introducing Delicious Recipes Elementor Widgets and Gutenberg Blocks

Building a food and recipe blog should be easy and less time-consuming. Page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg make it possible with their intuitive drag and drop feature. But, it’s limited and doesn’t include specific recipes for food bloggers.

Meet Delicious Recipes Elementor Widgets and Gutenberg Blocks, our feature-rich plugin with essential widgets for Elementor and Gutenberg blocks that make it possible.

We are thrilled to share this new plugin with you and can’t wait to share how you can use this plugin to customize your food and recipe blog to engage your readers.

Our team has been working for a couple of months brainstorming ideas, listening to our customers’ needs and adding new and exciting features to the plugin.

Let’s dive in to find out what’s included in this plugin.

4 Elementor Widgets

Elementor is one of the most popular page builders to build a website in a short time. You can easily drag and drop to configure different sections without much technical knowledge. 

To ease the process and make it flexible to create custom layouts, we have developed 4 Elementor widgets to display your recipes elegantly. 

The plugin includes the following widgets:

Recipe Posts

With the Recipe Posts widget, you can display the recipes you have created using the WP Delicious plugin.

It includes 3 different layouts to choose from, advanced control to modify the query, and styling settings to customize it as per your preference. For example, you can display the latest recipes or recipes from specific taxonomy such as courses, set the number of posts to display, exclude specific recipes and much more.

With various styling controls, you can achieve the desired look and feel to match your brand.

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Recipe Categories

In food and recipes blogs, it’s common to have many categories for your recipes. With Recipe Categories, widgets display different taxonomies to make navigating easier for your readers.

It also displays the recipe counts to inform your readers of the number of recipe posts published with beautiful designs.

Using this widget, you can choose from 3 different unique layouts, query terms based on recipe courses, cuisines, cooking methods, keys, tags and badges and much more. The styling settings allow you to customize it to your specific requirements quickly.

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Recipe Posts Carousel

The Recipe Posts Carousel widget allows you to display your recipes in a more interactive and engaging manner. Your readers can quickly scroll through your different recipe posts.

With 3 different layouts to choose from, you get complete control over how you can display your recipes. The advanced query settings let you set the numbers of posts, filter recipes, set the order and even exclude specific recipes.

The styling settings of this widget give you the necessary controls and design options to completely customize it to your preference.

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Recipe Categories Tab

The Recipes Categories Tab widget lets you quickly list all recipe categories to filter and display the posts. Your readers can easily browse through different categories of recipe posts. This makes it easier for your reader to navigate and enrich their user experience.

It includes 3 different layouts to choose from, query settings to filter the categories and additional settings to customize the appearance.

With the styling settings, you can customize different elements such as the appearance of the tabs, slider arrows, title and recipe information.

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You can quickly set it up on your website with our detailed and step-by-step documentation. You can refer to our documentation here.

What’s Upcoming

In future updates, we will include the Gutenberg blocks of the above widgets. If you like Gutenberg page builder, you can easily create a page using the blocks with the upcoming recipe blocks.

Further, we are also working on the Pro version of this plugin that will include more features, widgets and blocks. We plan to include the following in the Pro version:

  • More layouts for the free widgets and blocks
  • Popular Recipes widget and block
  • Featured Recipes widget and block
  • Recipe Search widget and block
  • Recipe Posts Module widget and block
  • Recipe Posts List widget and block
  • Recipe Categories Carousel widget and block

Over to you

Our team goal working to help food and recipe bloggers easily create their blogs. This new plugin is an addition to make it possible.

We listen to our customers’ features request and suggestion and a lot more exciting features are coming to the WP Delicious plugin this year.

If you aren’t a WP Delicious Pro user, you can upgrade today. To sweeten the deal, we are offering a discount of 20% off all our pricing plans. Use the coupon code DRWB to benefit from this limited-time offer. Redeem the offer today.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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