How to customize Recipe Details?

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You can customize the WP Delicious plugin according to your preferences. You can easily change the default text label and enable or disable any information from the single recipe post.

Change Ingredients Format #

By default, the ingredients are displayed in the following order: {qty} {unit} {ingredient} {notes} ( 5 ml Olive Oil (Extra Virgin) )

If you want to change the order, you can do it from Recipes > Settings > Recipe Details.

If you make any changes, remember to click on Save Changes button to publish the changes.

Change Default Labels #

The plugin offers flexibility to change the default labels as well as disable any information you don’t need. By default, all the information are enabled.

If you want to change the default label to your local language or preferred text, navigate to Recipes > Settings > Recipes Details > Scroll down till you see Global Recipe Toggles.

To disable any information, simple toggle the button. To edit the default text, click on the Edit button, add change the label and click on the Save Changes button.

Additional Settings #

Some additional settings are explained as below:

Recipe Navigation: When this option is enabled, it will show the post navigation i.e newer and older posts link below your recipes.

Display Powered By: When enabled, it will show the credit of Delicious Recipes below your recipes. Though you can disable it, we would be grateful if you could keep it enable to spread the word.

Display Recipe Author: When this option is enabled, it will show the post author below the title.

Display Recipe Published Date: As it signifies, when this option is enabled, it will display the published date of the recipes. We recommend to keep this option enabled.

Display Comments: When this option is enabled, it will display the comment section on your recipe post where your reader can rate and share thier opinions.