Import Recipes from Blossom Recipe Maker

If you have published your recipes using Blossom Recipe Maker plugin, you can easily import all your recipes without any loss using Delicious Recipes Import functionality.

Here’s the step by step guide to import your recipes.

At first, please make sure that you have installed and activated Delicious Recipes plugin on your website.

Navigate to Recipes > Import Recipes. Here, you will be Blossom Recipe Maker import option as shown in the screenshot below.

At top, it shows the total numbers of recipes you have created using Blossom Recipe Maker plugin.

Under Recipe Taxonomies Mapping section, you have to map your existing Taxonomies as below:

After you map the taxonomies, scroll down to see the list of all the recipes. You can manually select the recipes you want to import or use the select all feature to select all your recipes for import as shown below:

After you select the recipes, click on Import Selected Recipes / Taxonomies button.

Depending on the number of recipes to import, it will take a couple of minutes to import your recipes.

After the import is successful, you will see the success message at the top like this:

After successful import, all your recipes posts created in Blossom Recipe Maker are moved to Delicious Recipes.

Now, you can deactivate Blossom Recipe Maker Plugin.

If you want to display your posts on the homepage, you can refer to this guide.

In addition to this, you also need to regenerate your images so that it looks uniform. You can use the plugin Regenerate Thumbnails. Here’s the video tutorial.