How to add a Review Rating form?

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The WP Delicious Pro includes an advanced rating system. When this advanced rating system is enabled on your website, your readers can:

  • Rate your recipes
  • View the number of ratings you have received for a recipe
  • View the reviews provided by other readers
  • View the queries posted by other readers
  • Upload recipe review pictures while leaving reviews
  • Ask a question

Settings for the Review Ratings form #

You can configure the Review Ratings form via Recipes > Settings > Review Ratings.

Enable Ratings: Enable this option to allow your readers to provide ratings for your recipes.

Default Rating Label: Enter the default rating label here.

Enable Review Images: Enable this option to allow users to upload recipe review images in the comments.

Enable Questions: Enable this option to allow users to ask questions via the Review Ratings form.

Once a reader posts a review or question to your site, the review or question will be held for your approval.

You can choose to Approve, Edit, or Delete the review or mark it as spam via Recipes > Reviews.

This location will also store all other approved reviews and queries on your site.