How configure the Ingredients Settings?

This article includes the instructions to configure the Ingredient settings. You can access the settings by navigating Dashboard > WP Delicious > Settings > Ingredients.

Ingredients #

Ingredient line format:

This setting includes the string text format for ingredients on recipe single page. This setting will ensure the format of recipe ingredient to be displayed on the front-end.

Available Tags: {qty} : Quantity, {unit} : Ingredient unit, {ingredient} : Ingredient name, {notes} : Ingredient notes.

The default format for the Ingredients on the Recipe Card is: {qty} {unit} {ingredient} {notes}

Chicory Integration for In-Recipe Ads and Shoppability #


The Chicory integration allows you to monetize your recipe cards by embedding contextual, in-recipe ads from relevant food advertisers. Additionally, it offers your audience the convenience of recipe shoppability with over 70 integrated retailers, including Instacart, Walmart, and Kroger. This feature enhances user experience by enabling visitors to purchase ingredients directly from your recipes.

Enabling Chicory Integration

To enable the Chicory Integration, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings via Dashboard > WP Delicious > Settings
  2. Activate Chicory Integration:
    • In the Settings section, locate the Ingredients tab.
    • Find the section for Chicory Integration.
  1. Sign Up with Chicory:
    • Click on the Sign Up with Chicory button.
    • Follow the instructions to sign up and register your website with Chicory.
  1. Enable Shoppable Ingredients:
    • After signing up, ensure that the settings are enabled.
    • Your visitors will now see a Get Ingredients button on the recipe card on the frontend, making the ingredients shoppable.

Note: This integration will only be available for your visitors from USA.

Adjustable Servings #

The Adjustable Servings feature in our plugin allows you to manage serving sizes for your recipe posts. This documentation will guide you through the settings available for this feature and how to configure it according to your needs.

Show Adjustable Serving

You have the option to enable or disable the adjustable serving feature for individual recipe details. You can enable/disable the option via Dashboard > WP Delicious > Settings > Ingredients.

Adjustable Serving Type

You can choose between two types of adjustable serving methods: Increment Based and Scale Based. Each type functions differently and can be selected based on your preference.

  1. Increment Based:
    • This method allows users to increase or decrease the serving size by a fixed amount.
    • For example, if the base serving size is 2, selecting increment based will allow adjustments by units of 1 (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.).
  2. Scale Based:
    • This method adjusts the serving size by multiplying it with a scale factor.
    • For example, if the base serving size is 2, selecting scale based will allow adjustments by scale factors such as 1/2x, 1x, 2x, 3x, etc.

After enabling the adjustable servings and selecting the appropriate adjustable serving type, your recipe cards will display the option to adjust the serving size on the recipe card.

Automatic Unit Conversion #

After installing the WP Delicious Pro plugin, go to the Dashboard > WP Delicious > Settings > Ingredients Tab to set up the Unit Conversion feature.

Here, you need to select the Default Unit System (the system you’re writing your recipes in).

After selecting the default unit system, you need to configure the conversion in the Recipe Editor Settings.

You can choose to automatically convert the units or manually select the units with the respective values for the conversion as shown in the above screenshot.

After configuring the settings, your visitors will be able to see the option to convert the ingredients units on the Recipe card.

Note: Setting Up Unit Conversion for All Recipes

It is not feasible to automate unit conversion for all recipes simultaneously. Automated solutions often lack accuracy. By manually setting up unit conversions, you can ensure precision by verifying the converted units as needed.

Automatic Ingredients Image #

The Ingredients Image feature is also one of the features included in the WP Delicious Pro plugin. When this setting is enabled, you can choose to display the ingredients image for the recipes on the recipe card.

By default, we have provided a variety of images for the ingredients in the plugin. However, you are free to upload and use your own images as per your requirements.

You can choose to add your own images as well.

To associate multiple ingredients with a single image, enter the ingredient names separated by commas (,).

On the frontend, the ingredient section on recipe card will now display the images as demonstrated in the below screenshot.