How to add and display Equipments?

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When you make a recipe, you use different types of equipment. The WP Delicious Pro plugin provides you an option to recommend equipments to your readers along with your affiliate link so that if they make a purchase via your link, you can earn the referred commission.

You can display equipments on each of your recipes. Apart from this, you can also create a page where you can list all of your equipments.

How to add an Equipment? #

You can add as much equipment as you want. To add an equipment, go to Recipes > Equipments > Add New.

Here, you can add a title, a short description of the equipment, a button label, and an affiliate link. You can also set the parameter of the link. We highly recommend keeping the default parameter enabled. If the button link added is a sponsored link then you can enable the rel=”sponsored” option.

How to assign an equipment to a recipe? #

Once you have added the Equipments, you can display those equipments on your recipes. Just go and edit the recipes and under the Equipments tab, you can select the equipment.

Equipment Settings #

Finally, you can configure the Equipment Settings for your site via Recipes > Settings > Additional Features.

Enable Equipment: Enable this option to display the recipe equipment used in a particular recipe on the recipe card.

The below settings are for a page and not for the recipe posts:

Equipment Layout: Select the layout for equipment listings on a page.

Equipments per row: Enter the number of equipment to display per row.

Equipment Shortcode: Copy the provided shortcode and use it on a page to display the equipment listings on that page.

How to display the Equipments on a page #

In addition to displaying the equiments on the recipe card, you can also create a page and add a shortcode that will list all your equipments on that page.

To do so,

  • First, create a page then copy the shortcode present in Recipes > Settings > Additional Features.
  • Go to the page you created and paste the shortcode.
  • Click on Update.

Note: By default, all the equipments are shown. Use [dr_recipe_equipments num_posts=x] to display x equipment on a page, where x is the number of equipments to display.