How to configure User Dashboard?

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In WP Delicious version 1.2.0, we have included the feature of User Dashboard. This feature includes the following:

  • User Registration: Your readers will be able to register to your website and manage their profiles.
  • Browse Recipes: From their dashboard, the readers will be able to browse all your recipes
  • Browse Wishlist Recipes: Your readers will be able to browse through the recipes they have added to their wishlist.

Steps to configure User Dashboard #

1. At first, you need to create a blank page to assign User Dashboard template. To do so, navigate to Pages > Add New. You need to add the shortcode [dr_user_dashboard].

We recommend you select a Full-width sidebar layout. If you are using any of the recommended WordPress Themes, you can find the settings as shown above.

2. Once you publish the page, navigate to Recipes > Settings > User Dashboard. Here, you will find the settings related to User Dashboard.

The settings are as follows:

  • Recipe Dashboard Page: Here you have to assign the page you have created earlier with the shortcode.
  • User Registration: Enable this option to allow your readers to register to your website.
  • Generate Username: When this option is enabled, it will automatically generate the username based on the email address provided.
  • Generate Password: Like previous settings, when this setting is enabled, it will automatically generate the password and send it to the reader.
  • Terms and Conditions: Incase, you want to display your terms and conditions or privacy policy during the registration form, you should enable this option.
  • Terms and Conditions Message: Here you can add your terms and conditions message.

The registration and login forms looks like this:

As you have noticed in the screenshot above, the registration and login form includes an image. If you want to customize it and add your own image, you can do that as well.

Note: If you don’t set the image, it will display the default image provided in the plugin.

In addition to the login and register, your readers can also reset their password if they are unable to login. The password reset screen is shown below:

Once the password reset request is submitted, they will automatically receive the email to reset it.

Customize Email Templates #

We have also add the feature to customize the email templates that are sent to your readers. You can customize the emails templates for:

  • New Account
  • Reset Password

You can add a personalized message for your readers when they sign up to your site.

You can customize the email templates via Recipes > Settings > Email Templates. For each template, there is field to add the subject and message.

The message also supports placeholder to add the dynamic value. The supported placeholders are:

  • {site_title} – Inserts your website title
  • {site_address} – Inserts your site address
  • {site_url} – Insert your website URL
  • {admin_email} – Insert the administrator email address
  • {username} – Inserts the registered reader’s username
  • {password} – Inserts the automatically generated password
  • {dashboard_page} – Inserts the link of the dashboard page.