How to configure Recipe Floating Bar?

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The Delicious Recipes Pro plugin provides an option to display a floating bar at the bottom of each recipe post. With this floating bar, you and your readers can do the following:

  • Switch to focus reading mode
  • Print the recipe with a single click
  • Share your recipes on different social media platform
  • Start a timer while making the recipes
  • Like your recipes
  • Add to favorite recipes

Settings for the Recipe Floating bar #

You can configure the settings for the Floating Bar via Recipes > Settings > Additional Features.

Enable Floating Bar: Enable this option to display the Floating bar at the bottom of each Recipe Post.

You can also change the button label and choose to hide or display the Start Reading Mode, Start Timer, and Share buttons.

Start Reading Mode button: You can click on this button to hide the recipe floating bar while reading the recipes.

Recipe printing option: This brings you to the print view of the current recipe from where you can proceed to print it.

Recipe sharing option: Visitors can click this button to share the recipe on their social network.

Timer: You can set the timer for the recipe reading via this option.

Like button: Click to post a like for the recipe.

Add to Favorites button: You can mark a recipe as your favorite via this option.

If you are a registered user then the recipes you marked as a favorite will also be displayed inside the Favorites menu of your Recipe Dashboard.