How to Autoload Recipes on Single Recipe post?

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With the WP Delicious Pro plugin, you can choose to autoload the content of the previous or next recipe posts inside the Single Recipe page. This feature mainly enhances the user interaction by providing the site visitors with the ability to read other recipes without having to leave the current page.

Settings for Autoloading Recipes #

You can configure the settings for the Autoloading Recipes via Delicious Recipes > Settings > General Settings.

Autoload Recipes: Enable this option to autoload recipes on the single recipe page.

No. of Recipes: Enter the number of recipes you want to autoload per Recipe page.

Autoload Recipes Filter: Here you need to choose the default autoload filter for the Recipes. Selecting the Prev option will load the recipes that were posted earlier than the current recipe. Whereas, selecting the Next option will load the recipes that were posted after the current recipe.

Note: All the functions provided to the Recipe Floating bar such as the Print option, Social Sharing option, Reading Mode option, Timer option, Like button and Add to Favorites option will work individually for each recipes that are autoloaded in the Single Recipe post.